European Business Awards for the Environment,Newsletter December 2017

European Business Awards for the Environment

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EBAE 2017-18 cycle launches
Third CITIES Forum
'Where Are They Now": UPMADE, runner-up for the 2014-2015 EBAE 'International Business Cooperation' award

Focus On: Innovation Towards Clean Air
Coordinator Catch Up: Hungary
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EBAE Snippets

EBAE 2017-18 Cycle Launches

National Coordinators meeting in Budapest (Hungary) on 9 November 2017 to kick-start the new EBAE cycle

We are delighted to launch the 10th cycle of the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE)!

Once more, the European Commission will reward European companies of all sizes who have made an outstanding contribution to sustainable development.
The competition will include four award categories: 

  1. Management
  2. Product & Services
  3. Process and
  4. Developing Country Cooperation

In addition, there will be an award for Business & Biodiversity.

The winners will be announced during a high-level Awards Ceremony in the Autumn of 2018.

As with previous years, companies wishing to enter the European competition should take part in (and possibly win!) their national competitions.  A network of enthusiastic National Coordinators is active in EU Member States to provide further information and guide businesses through the application process.

So don’t wait any longer, contact your National Coordinator or consult the EBAE website to find out how to enter the competition.  You may be the next European Champion of green innovation!

What's Trending

EU Commits to New Efforts Towards 2030 Emission Goals at Climate Change Policy Conference

The UN Climate Change Policy Conference which took place in Bonn (Germany) from 6-17 November saw the EU renew its commitments to the 2030 Emission Goals.While some EU countries are at risk of missing the environmental targets set for 2020,  members states are keen to implement new legislation which will help get their goals back on track for the subsequent decade. Read more>>

Cities in the Driving Seat Towards the Circular Economy

The third CITIES Forum took place on 27 and 28 November in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The event was organised by the European Commission with the purpose to take stock of progress made on the implementation of the Urban Agenda for the European Union. 

Read more>>

EU Clean Air Policy as Key Topic at the Clean Air Forum

The need for a multisectoral and inclusive approach when tackling air pollution was the dominant topic at the first Clean Air Forum, which took place in Paris on 16-17 November. Gathering more than 300 participants from all industrial and societal sectors, the event discussed issues such as urban air quality, air pollution in the agricultural sector, and business opportunities on clean air. Read more>>

Where Are They Now?

In every issue, the EBAE newsletter catches up with former participants who have distinguished themselves in their field of expertise and have expanded their business and recognition thanks to the competition. This time, we sat down with UPMADE – formerly AUS Design OU – an Estonian company seeking to revolutionise the fashion industry from within by incorporating textile leftovers in their design creations.

Your company was a runner-up in the ‘International Business Cooperation’ category during the 2014-15 EBAE cycle. How has your business progressed since then?

We have managed to grow our business significantly. The method we use has been put to a wider test and we can say now there are no obstacles to scale the solution of industrial upcycling. We are a company using textile leftovers that are left behind by somebody else – usually international fashion brands. We have succeeded, and our Up-shirt is an international bestseller. People are really embracing the idea of becoming a part of the solution and helping to clean up with easy actions such as purchasing their everyday-t-shirt. It is something tangible, you can actually feel the positive impact you have created as a consumer who has made a conscious choice. But our long-term goal is to get the big corporations to use their own leftovers and clean up after their production. Read more>>

In Search of Innovation Towards Clean Air

The next edition of the “European Forum on Eco-innovation” will take place in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 5-6 February 2018. The event will examine and discuss eco-innovative solutions which seek to improve air quality. The Forum will bring together companies and public authorities with documented best practices on developing and implementing effective innovative technologies, business and governance models, and third parties in need of such solutions and expertise. Read more>>

Coordinator Catch-Up: Hungary

In this edition, we catch up  with Ágnès Czibók, EBAE’s Hungarian National Coordinator, to gather some insights on how the European Business Awards for the Environment are impacting eco-innovative companies in Hungary.

You’ve hosted EBAE’s Steering Committee meeting in Budapest (November). What were your impressions from those two days? 
I was very pleased to receive the Steering Committee’s visit again. The gathering was fruitful as usual and, as we had previously suggested, a one-day meeting was necessary to address key EBAE topics before we could launch a new  cycle. The more interactive part of the meeting, which took place in the afternoon, was also useful and I was also very happy to have Ms. Màrta Bonifert, an experienced jury member, with us – Màrta shared extremely useful advice on how to improve the entries.  The accompanying programmes – the dinner and visit to the ÖKOINDUSTRIA trade fair – met everyone’s expectations.  Read more>>

Upcoming Events

“Horizon 2020 Opportunities for the B@B Community” Webinar (11 December 2017, Brussels, Belgium)

Jointly organised by DG Environment, DG Research & Innovation and EASME, the “Horizon 2020 Opportunities for the B@B Community” webinar will provide information on the calls for proposal under “Societal Challenge on Climate change, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials”. Participants will also be mentored on how businesses should approach a H2020 proposal. More info>>

European Forum on Eco-innovation  (5-6 February 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria)

A joint initiative of the European Commission, the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water, and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Forum will bring together companies, public authorities and other stakeholders for best practices- and knowledge-sharing on eco-innovative technologies, policies, business and governance models. More info>>

European Industry Day 2018 (22-23 February 2018, Brussels, Belgium)

Gathering organisations, companies and public authorities, this event will take stock of the European Commission’s latest developments on, and strategic approach to, industrial policy, and discuss actions to further increase industrial competitiveness in Europe. More info>>

Procura+ Seminar 2018  (21-22 March 2018, Oslo, Norway)

This two-day event will bring companies, public bodies and European institutions together, and host panel discussions, case studies, roundtable discussions, presentations and workshops on how to increase eco-innovative and sustainable procurement procedures and decisions. More info>>