Urgent partner search for Ocean 2013.2 proposal

The last few years, the industrialization has resulted to several changes in human life but also to the environment. Ocean has been severely affected by these changes. Never has accurate information been more important, yet at present we know very little about the Ocean. Critical physical processes are poorly understood, ecosystems remain unstudied and undiscovered, and indigenous voices go unheard. This lack of knowledge thwarts efforts to detect, predict or manage the interrelated physical, biological and social impacts of climate change, making sustainable development almost impossible. Even though several sensors exist in the market that could provide some information if used in seawater, their high cost, high energy consumption and large size are inhibitory factors for widespread use. This proposal aims to address these technological obstacles by developing a low compact system which will provide high sensitivity and multiparametric measurements connected to advanced communication, data handling and energy systems.

We are searching for partners with the following expertise:
a) solar cells and energy storages
b) communication systems
c) buoy manufacturers/ repairers
d) positioning systems

Interested parties please send a brief summary of your capabilities in the email tzortzatoukat@gmail.com until 3 of February