Waste management and Waste Shipment in the context of the coronavirus crisis – EU guidance documents

DG ENV published today a guidance document entitled "Waste management in the context of the coronavirus crisis" available on the Commission website: https://ec.europa.eu/info/files/waste_management_guidance_dg-env_en.

This document takes stock of the current situation across the EU and “is based on the available scientific knowledge, with the support of the European Centre for Disease prevention and Control”. It summarises “good practices” that have been already put in place for more than a month. It recognises that waste management is an essential service, requiring adaptation and continuity. Separate collection, recycling, “no distortion” principle,  but alternatives routes as well if needed, and temporary storage, are mentionned. A short focus on informations given p.5 on EU funds: 1,5 billion EUR are still available in 2020, under the rules of the Cohesion and Regional Policy. There is no additional EU money for waste management, but the process for the regional autorities to use it is made easyer and more flexible.

Another document was published a few days ago, "Waste Shipment and COVID-19" https://ec.europa.eu/environment/waste/shipments/pdf/waste_shipment_and_COVID19.pdf, with more usefull informations, on how to deal with waste shipments rules. Rules for keeping open borders and “priority lanes” that are foreseen for the transport of goods are also applicable to the transport of waste. More details are given on how MS can be more flexible when implementing some provisions of the Waste Shipment Regulation.